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The Agency’s
Luxury Concierge Rental Services

Experience you can count on, rely on and feel safe with.
Since 2009 Kathi Kilburn has been doing rentals, long term and vacation.
That experience has translated into a wealth of experience & knowledge.
The Agency now offers Non-Managed or Limited Management Services

Let us guide you to a great ROI

A limited service to market and conclude a tenant for approved occupancy.

Limited Management Services
Services that go beyond the Non-Managed limited service.
Simply a full service that includes everything except anything financial

We will assist in professionally preparing your property for rent.
We will assist in assuring, if short term, your property meets the standards of a well-run hotel
business. Whether a 5-star experience or 3 star, we care about image and reputation
We hold and escrow no monies; all monies are payable to landlord.
We do not register but can assist in registration with both the County & State for short term
We will offer a multi layered concierge service based on the property.
We will assist with cleaning, repair, maintenance and emergency service’s.
Although all payments are payable to the landlord, we can make deposits in your account on
your behalf.

Lots involved and more to offer.

Landlords will always have obligations, of their own, however our limited management services
will certainly make running a rental investment business seamless and with your best interest in

More of the same, is never an option and from the a one-bedroom condo to the sprawling estate,
every property deserves its debut.

“Who you hire matters”

Call for more information 239.537.1691

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